Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Masters of Money LLC Acquires Nerdy Black Girls LLC For $350,000

Today, May 29th, 2018, Masters of Money, LLC., made its second ever company acquisition, by acquiring Nerdy Black Girls, LLC., for $350,000.

Masters of Money LLC's first company acquisition was the Money Channel, on September 11th, 2017, for $1,700,000. 

Nerdy Black Girls, LLC., is a social media company, focused on connecting with the nerdy black girl/nerdy girl genre, and was founded by Malia Johnson(My now wife), in January 2014. 

"I figured their had to be other nerdy black girls out there like me, who would want to connect with other nerdy black girls." Malia Johnson, Founder of Nerdy Black Girls, LLC. 

When Malia got pregnant at the end of 2016, she decided she was going to take some time off, and bring on a partner, who could run the company in her absense. 

The partner she decided to bring on, was none other than Masters of Money's head of animation and social media, Tarica Patel, aka BABB (Bad Ass Bangalore Bitch). 

For anyone who doesn't know who Tarica Patel, aka BABB is, she is one of the best animators in the world, and has done work for many of the world's largest public and private animation and video companies. 

BABB has the ability to bring just about any concept or idea to life. It is truly amazing to see her skills in action. 

In mid 2017, Malia decided to sell her remaining ownership in Nerdy Black Girls, LLC., to BABB. 

Over the last year and a half, BABB grew has grown the company, from approximately 280,000 followers, and 1,500 monthly subscribers, to approximately 1,300,000 followers, and 7,800 monthly subscribers. 

BABB has been running Nerdy Black Girls, and also working for Masters of Money, as the head of animation and social media, at the same time. 

Everyday she had to drive back and forth between the two companies muliple times. Each way is approximately a 30 minute drive. 

BABB walked into my office at the beginning of this month, and said- "I like creating and being creative. I don't like running one company, while working for another one. Some day when you get old, I am going to take over Masters of Money, and turn it into a multi-billion company. Here is what you are going to do. You are going to buy Nerdy Black Girls from me for $350,000, close down their office, and move the company into Masters of Money's building. There will be no negotiationing. I am going back to my office to coordinate the merger right now."

I didn't/don't know anything about Nerdy Black Girls, but I am married to one, the price was right, the merger made sense from a synergistic standpoint, the deal pays for itself with the revenue the company makes in fairly short order, and BABB is going to be happier and more productive. 

BABB, I think you may have made history with this merger/acquisition, because I never actually agreed to buy the company, until the lawyers showed up and worked out the details, which was today, May 29th! 

From almost the minute BABB left my office, on the day she told me Masters of Money was going to buy Nerdy Black Girls, which was May 2nd, she started working on the merger.

I asked BABB what she would have done, if I would have said no, and she said- "You weren't going to say no, even if you didn't want to do it, because of what the company means to you."

Which leads me to my next point. My wife asked me to tell everyone the "real reason" I bought the company, besides the fact that it makes sense to do from a business standpoint, so here it is- 

When Malia broke up with me in September of 2013(it's complicated), she started working on Nerdy Black Girls, LLC., to keep her mind off of me. BABB was 100% correct about the fact that I wouldn't say no, because I have always looked at the company, like it helped Malia to break up with me.

I do like the idea of Masters of Money(My company) and Nerdy Black Girls(Malia's old company), merging(getting married), because it signifies what has happened between the two of us, between then and now.

Bottom line- Nerdy Black Girl LLC team, welcome to the Masters of Money family of companies. We are happy to have you. 

The Masters of Money, LLC., family of companies, includes the Money Channel (Money and finance related video content management and distribution), "MJ The Terrible" & Team Digital Death, Ltd. (AG) Based in Switzerland (Cyber security), and now Nerdy Black Girls, LLC. (Social media)

About Masters of Money, LLC.

Masters of Money, LLC., was founded by Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson, to create and sell how to information, to people looking for ways to make and save money.

The goal of Masters of Money: Provide the tools, resources, and strategies, to help anyone who wants to be more successful, create the life of their dreams.

Masters of Money's products and services list: 

Opt in email marketing - Online advertising - Social media marketing - Content creation - Content marketing - Internet marketing - Public relations campaigns - Web design - Direct response marketing - Copywriting - Company and / or product branding campaigns - Fundraising - Lead generation - Company and / or product launches - Business consulting - Partnering for profits campaigns - Blogging - Content library development - Content library maximization marketing - Multi-channel marketing creation and consultation - Ghostwriting - Ebook creation - Company continuity programs - Ezine creation - Ezine marketing - Digital newsletter creation - Digital newsletter marketing - Content trading - Information brokering - Company and / or product endorsements - Guest blogging - Business opportunity offers - Create and sell making and saving money strategies and information

Company contact information: 

Masters of Money, LLC.
1401 Lavaca St. 
Austin, TX 78701
Phone #: (512) 297-3535  
Fax #: (512) 599-5958  
Website: (Official launch date: July 4th, 2018)

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