Wednesday, December 2, 2020

“MJ The Terrible” & Team Digital Death Plane Crash Details

I was freaking out because MJ didn’t come home yesterday like he was supposed to, and I knew something was wrong.

He was on a flight with his cyber crew, Team Digital Death, back home from visiting with President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris.

Well, the plane they were on crashed. MJ’s close friend and member of Team Digital Death Marcus was on the plane with MJ when it crashed.

Marcus said MJ slept through the whole thing. He said everybody was screaming and panicking while MJ was sound asleep and dreaming. “MJ was singing a Pearl Jam song in his dream with a smile on his face, while the plane was in free fall.”

Marcus also said MJ didn’t wake up until the paramedics got there. “MJ woke up saying to this big Lumberjack guy named Chuck- Malia, you feel like messing around?”

When he finally was awake, they said MJ asked where the airport was. He had no idea they crashed in a field and almost died.

Team Digital Death member Kevin who was also on the plane, said when they got out and saw where the plane crash landed, MJ said- “I feel bad for the pilot, because it looks like he tried to Captain Sully the thing, and land it in the water, but he was like 50 feet short. Look how close he was to getting us in the water.”

I swear my husband could be sitting in an open field, not a cloud in the sky, and suddenly out of nowhere the storm of the century would hit the field he was in.

Team Digital Death Member J Munda said MJ was completely calm after the crash while everyone else was scared shitless.

Team Digital Death member Gary said, MJ kept trying to find his phone to call me but couldn’t find it.

I’m glad MJ couldn’t find his phone to call me because I left a couple “Where the f@$k are you messages”, and now I feel like a giant bitch. He almost died and I was thinking he was off doing whatever. I thought the worst, in the wrong way. I absolutely trust MJ, but I was being an emotional pregnant crazy woman when I was leaving MJ the “Where the f@$k are you” messages.

I am glad no one on the plane got hurt. After they all got out of the plane, they said they couldn’t stop laughing because it was like nothing had happened at all to MJ, because he slept through the entire traumatic plane crash experience.

I hate to admit it, but after I found out they were okay, I laughed about it too. You would have to know MJ, to know that only something like this could happen to him.

MJ is just prone to the most unimaginable to anyone else type of things happening to and around him.

In the last 5 years, MJ has had subdural hematoma brain surgery, where he had to learn how to walk and talk again, went through a crazy up and down divorce, had 2 apartment fires, we got jumped at a private pool we were swimming at, a pipe burst in our house, and we had to have most of the interior of part of our house re-done, MJ fell down the stairs saving our son Cash from falling down the stairs, he was just in a plane crash, and more.

There is never a boring day being with MJ, and literally anything can happen, both good and bad.

MJ, I love you. I can’t believe you slept through a freakin plane crash! Marcus was like- “When the pilot announced the plane was going down, everybody buckle up and brace for impact, my black ass was scared as hell! Kevin was yelling “Oh God please don’t let us die!” Gary was flipping the f@$k out. Everybody was thinking they were going to die, and I looked over at our fearless leader MJ, and he’s completely relaxed and asleep humming a f@$king Pearl Jam song! I couldn’t reach him to wake him up. I tried to yell at him to wake him up, but he had his headset on, listening to music. The song your crazy ass husband was humming was “I’m Still Alive”. I was thinking, you are about to not be. Wake the f@$k up!”

Kristi, who is also a Team Digital Death member, and was also on the plane that crashed, was sitting across from Marcus, and next to MJ on his left, but across the aisle, said she told Marcus to let MJ sleep. “There is no reason to wake him up for the last minute of his life to be filled with horror. He has been through a lot of shit. Let’s let him enjoy his last minute of dream sleep.”

I am constantly amazed by how hard MJ tries to do good. He tries so hard to do everything right, and be a good guy, a good father, a good husband, a good friend, use his skills to help people, and all of that, and still utter freakin chaos breaks out around him all the time!

If I heard that MJ was on a plane that crashed into a train, that went off the rails and landed on a boat, that sank down into the water, that ran into a submarine, that was filled with aliens, I would almost believe it at this point.

I have determined that special people like MJ, who live the most interesting lives, are in this world to shape it, change it, hold it together, and to give the rest of us something to talk about/entertain us.

Baby, I am never letting you leave home again! Obviously I’m just kidding, but I love you, and I can’t live without you, so don’t die!

Distinguished Intelligence Cross Awarded To Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson For Acts of Extraordinary Heroism –

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Nice shooting baby!

The last time we got pregnant we tried 4 or 5 different pregnancy tests. When we were looking to see what the results were, MJ said- "We should have got only the kind with words, where it says Pregnant or Not Pregnant. I mean, look at this. Is 2 lines on here pregnant or not? Look at this one. On this one I think a cross is pregnant. On this one it looks like an X is pregnant. This one has words. Pee on this one, because I want to know if we're pregnant or not. I don't want to have to decode the symbols to find out if we're pregnant or not."

I did what you said. Is this clear enough for you baby? (See attached pic)

MJ is flying to meet with President Elect Biden, and Vice President Elect Harris today. 

I told MJ I wanted to take a prego test today. He told me if I wanted to, to go ahead and do it. I asked him if he wanted me to wait to tell him what the results were until he got back. 

He said I could tell him any way that I wanted to, and he would be cool with it. 

Well baby, I decided to tell you through social media. I wonder if MJ will find out himself first, or will someone else be the one to tell him?

Baby, I'm sorry. I rigged the answer. I contacted Jen O'Malley Dillon, President Elect Biden's campaign manager. We worked it out so that President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris would tell you the results at the same time later today. 

I'm sure you can see the picture on this post, and POTUS and V-POTUS will tell you the good news, but just in case you can't see the picture on this post, and they don't tell you first......WE'RE PREGNANT!!!

I love you baby! I will miss you like crazy tonight. I can't wait until my sexy conquering hero comes home to me tomorrow! XOXO

All of my love,


P.S. I enjoyed all of the baby making practice!

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Baby Making Practice Invite For Michael David Johnson

To: Michael David Johnson

This love video for you is red.

Your mom will be here to pick up the babies soon.

Now bring that sexy body home because I want to make a baby with you in the bedroom!

From: Your Loving Wife Always, But Today I'm Your Love Slave All Day Long!

P.S. You know how you made the "Baby Making Heat Scale" to measure my baby making heat horniness? Well, I just tested myself, and the scale exploded!

P.P.S. Dr. Frincke, you might wanna have the medical staff at Walter Reed on standby, because I'm about to do things to MJ that his body might not be able to handle!

Saturday, November 14, 2020

My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Volume 16

"Most people do all they can to fit in with everyone else. So, anyone who puts themselves out there deserves respect, because at least they are willing to take a risk." Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch  

"A lot of things in life we can't control. Embrace the chaos. Life might just astonish you!" Gary McKinnon

"Sometimes the best thing to do is wait until everything becomes clearer." Gina Haspel    

"Wealth is important, but health is more important. If you don't have good health, all the wealth in the world doesn't mean a thing. Take care of the only body. It's the only one you have." Dr. Frincke

"Find out what you want. Find out how to get what you want. Go get what you want." Tarica Patel

"No one can predict the future. Not you. Not me. No one. Your future is what you make it. If your future sucks, it's what you made it. If your future is great, it's what you made it. It's up to you to write your future. Write a future that doesn't end in regrets." Marcus Jennings

"Stand up for what you want. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for what is right. Stand up for people who can't stand up for themselves but stand for something." Brittany White  

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today could also be the last day of your life. Live for today, but plan tomorrow, because you just never know." Kevin M.

"Sometimes you have to disrupt the status quo to get attention for what's important. Disruption is uncomfortable but effective." Becky Beaver

"No is a powerful word. You have to use it, or people will take advantage of you." Donald Trump Jr.

"COVID19 is a global hater that is trying to stop us all from living our lives the way we want to. And just like normal haters, we will overcome this global hater." Chris Hubbard

"Always do right by your people. By your people, I mean your family, your friends, your teammates, and everybody else who is on your side." Kamala Harris

"I don't know if time is on my side, but I know we only have a limited amount of time on this earth and I am not wasting it." J.J. Mendelhaussen

"If you want to really piss your haters off, take all of their bull shit in stride, and keep right on going." Marcus Jennings  

"Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. You haven't learned it. Stupidity is having the and not using it." Jeanne P. Johnson

"You have to make a decision that you want a better life. Once you make the decision you want a better life, that is when you can start to change the things in your life you don't like. The decision is where it all begins." Ben Dupont  

"Sometimes in life you just have to deal with things that are unfair, knowing that on the other side of it a whole lot of good is coming your way." Donald Trump Jr.

"You don't have to live on the edge to experience life, but don't get so comfortable in your comfort zone, that you never leave it. Take a vacation from your comfort zone occasionally. Believe in yourself! Go you!" Gene Rockefeller

"Dare to dream and dare to live those dreams." Chris Hubbard

"Step one is the hardest, so once you knock that one out of the way, step two on gets a lot easier!" Big J. Kosta

Legendary Self-Help Guru Napoleon Hill’s 17 Universal Principles of Success & Achievement -

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

How To Get Your Emails Read

How To Get Your Emails Read:

It can be frustrating when emails you sent that you know are important, don't get read.

Most email providers have an option to m

ark an email as important, if you want to highlight an email as important.

Depending on the amount of emails you send out, the size of the company/organization, and your time constraints, following up an email with a phone call is usually a very effective method to get your emails read.

Unfortunately, emails can be a lot like advertisements, where unless you have a powerful headline, and in this case subject line, your ad/email may not be looked at/read.

Here are some proven subject headlines you can use to get a higher email open rate.

Note: Some of these subject headlines are pretty aggressive, so use your best judgment as to which one is appropriate for the situation.

1. Urgent message enclosed

2. Open ASAP (Time sensitive)

3. Warning! Read immediately!

4. - Need to know information enclosed -

5. This could be the most important email in your inbox


7. OMG! You gotta see this.....

8. +++++IMPORTANT+++++

9. Read me!!!!!

10. Important: Your results are enclosed

One final tip: Using a persons name improves the odds that your email will get opened. We are almost programmed, for lack of a better word, to see things addressed specifically to us as more important.

10 Powerful Tips To Help You Get What You Want -

Monday, June 18, 2018

Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson and son CJ With John Wesley Shipp - Greater Austin Comic Con

Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson and son CJ, with John Wesley Shipp, at the Greater Austin Comic Con. (Cedar Park, Texas - June 16th, 2018)

About John Wesley Shipp-

John Wesley Shipp has portrayed Henry Allen, the father to Grant Gustin's Scarlet Speedster on the CW's hit series The Flash. He also plays Jay Garrick, "The Golden Age hero. Shipp starred as The Flash when CBS brought the series to television in 1990's; in fact, he has played four roles in the "Flash" multiverse: Barry Allen, Professor Zoom, Henry Allen, and Jay Garrick.

A constant presence on television for nearly four decades, Shipp took on another iconic role after The Flash that of Mitch Leery, James Van der Beek's father, on the WB's coming of age series Dawson's Creek. He continued with a memorable turn as boxer Lucky Williams, love interest to Julianne Phillip's Frankie, on Season 5 of NBC's hit drama Sisters, and terrified audiences with his haunting arc as Isaac's abusive father and Beacon Hills gravedigger, Mr. Lahey, opposite Daniel Sharman on MTV's drama Teen Wolf.

Thank you Greater Austin Comic Con, for the fun memories. My son and I loved every minute of it!


Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

My Favorite Quotes From People That I know Volume 10 by Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson

"If I play, I play to win. If I don't win the first time, then you can bet your ass I'm winning the next time around." Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch (A friend since college, and the only girl member of "MJ The Terrible" & Team Digital Death)

"First the question is what. Then the question is why. Then the question is how." Gene Rockefeller (Close friend and an absolutely brilliant person)

"Living paycheck to paycheck is a now only situation, if you get your shit together, and start doing what you have to do to get shot done." Natalie Dupont Johnson (Queen Bee- It's a long story!)

"Forget revenge. That is karmas job. I am focused on getting shit done, and building my future." Natalie Dupont Johnson (Queen Bee- It's a long story!)

"I wasn't a very good cook, until I realized that butter, sugar, or salt, make just about everything taste better." Malia May Johnson (My wife, best friend, lover, mother of my children(I love you too CJ), nurse, doctor, confidant, my right hand wo-man, and just about anything else that one person can be to another person) 

"I always look for the people who are more on the self "less" side of things, than on the self "ish" side of things." Malia May Johnson (My wife, best friend, lover, mother of my children(I love you too CJ), nurse, doctor, confidant, my right hand wo-man, and just about anything else that one person can be to another person) 

"When haters knock you down, get back up and say- "You hit like a bitch!" Then do what you gotta do." Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch (A friend since college, and the only girl member of "MJ The Terrible" & Team Digital Death)

"Behind every question, lies an answer, and behind every answer, lies the truth." Ben Dupont (Friend and family member)

"Our veterans are great. This day is to celebrate you. So let’s all pray, for the red, white and blue." David C. Johnson (My Dad)

My Favorite Quotes From People That I know Volume 9 by Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson -

My Favorite Quotes From People That I know Volume 9 by Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson

"The good life, in 10 words or less- Action, adventure, romance, knowledge, food, fitness, friends, and family." Big J. Kosta (Close friend, and a member of "MJ The Terrible" & Team Digital Death)

"The one place you will never find success, is inside of your comfort zone." Marcus Jennings (One of my closest friends, a member of "MJ The Terrible" & Team Digital Death, and a business partner)

"Good looks mean nothing without brains and a good attitude." Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch (A friend since college, and the only girl member of "MJ The Terrible" & Team Digital Death)

"Do everything that you can do. That is what you do. That is what you always do!" E. Fanning (Long-time friend and mentor)

"Expect bullshit from the haters, but never accept it." Marcus Jennings (One of my closest friends, a member of "MJ The Terrible" & Team Digital Death, and a business partner)

"No one has all of the answers. Some people are good at sports. Some people are good with people, some people are naturally intelligent, but no one has all of the answers. That said, we all can look for the answers in our lives. That's an ability we all have." Dr. Frincke (The doctor whose experimental drug treatment program brought me back to life/kept me alive, after I suffered from a subdural hematoma rupture in 2015.)

"I am a woman. I am often overlooked, until you need sex, clean clothes, food, friendship, fun, support and more. I am a woman. I am seen as weaker, emotionally delicate and needy. Men, incase you didn't notice, we control everything from breakfast, to the bedroom, to birth. Cross us, and we will make your life hell on earth. Love us, and you will know happiness like most men only dream of." Tarica Patel, aka BABB (Bad Ass Bangalore Bitch) - (A contractor, an employee, a business partner, my "work wife", a friend, and she is engaged to one of my closest friends)

"Don't quit! Adjust, adapt, and overcome!" E. Fanning (Long-time friend and mentor)

"Haters, I am warning you. Stay out of my way! Now, if you decide to stay in my way, and you get run the hell over, you can't say I didn't warn you!" Marcus Jennings (One of my closest friends, a member of "MJ The Terrible" & Team Digital Death, and a business partner)

"I believe in being an American. Not an American't, or an Americon." E. Fanning (Long-time friend and mentor)

"I know that things will always be okay, because I am one of those people that will either find a way, or make a way." Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch (A friend since college, and the only girl member of "MJ The Terrible" & Team Digital Death)

"Seek foolish destiny. People will talk, but they are going to talk anyway. I choose to be me, and live my life. If some people don't like that, then those people will not be in my life." Natalie Dupont Johnson (Queen Bee- It's a long story!)

My Favorite Quotes From People That I know Volume 8 by Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson -

Monday, June 4, 2018

Thank you Jeff Hardy, and the WWE!

Jeff Hardy and the WWE,

My son and I really appreciate how you rolled out the red carpet for us this weekend! 

Thank you very much. You made my son the happiest boy in Texas on Saturday, and me, one happy Daddy.


Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Masters of Money LLC Acquires Nerdy Black Girls LLC For $350,000

Today, May 29th, 2018, Masters of Money, LLC., made its second ever company acquisition, by acquiring Nerdy Black Girls, LLC., for $350,000.

Masters of Money LLC's first company acquisition was the Money Channel, on September 11th, 2017, for $1,700,000. 

Nerdy Black Girls, LLC., is a social media company, focused on connecting with the nerdy black girl/nerdy girl genre, and was founded by Malia Johnson(My now wife), in January 2014. 

"I figured their had to be other nerdy black girls out there like me, who would want to connect with other nerdy black girls." Malia Johnson, Founder of Nerdy Black Girls, LLC. 

When Malia got pregnant at the end of 2016, she decided she was going to take some time off, and bring on a partner, who could run the company in her absense. 

The partner she decided to bring on, was none other than Masters of Money's head of animation and social media, Tarica Patel, aka BABB (Bad Ass Bangalore Bitch). 

For anyone who doesn't know who Tarica Patel, aka BABB is, she is one of the best animators in the world, and has done work for many of the world's largest public and private animation and video companies. 

BABB has the ability to bring just about any concept or idea to life. It is truly amazing to see her skills in action. 

In mid 2017, Malia decided to sell her remaining ownership in Nerdy Black Girls, LLC., to BABB. 

Over the last year and a half, BABB grew has grown the company, from approximately 280,000 followers, and 1,500 monthly subscribers, to approximately 1,300,000 followers, and 7,800 monthly subscribers. 

BABB has been running Nerdy Black Girls, and also working for Masters of Money, as the head of animation and social media, at the same time. 

Everyday she had to drive back and forth between the two companies muliple times. Each way is approximately a 30 minute drive. 

BABB walked into my office at the beginning of this month, and said- "I like creating and being creative. I don't like running one company, while working for another one. Some day when you get old, I am going to take over Masters of Money, and turn it into a multi-billion company. Here is what you are going to do. You are going to buy Nerdy Black Girls from me for $350,000, close down their office, and move the company into Masters of Money's building. There will be no negotiationing. I am going back to my office to coordinate the merger right now."

I didn't/don't know anything about Nerdy Black Girls, but I am married to one, the price was right, the merger made sense from a synergistic standpoint, the deal pays for itself with the revenue the company makes in fairly short order, and BABB is going to be happier and more productive. 

BABB, I think you may have made history with this merger/acquisition, because I never actually agreed to buy the company, until the lawyers showed up and worked out the details, which was today, May 29th! 

From almost the minute BABB left my office, on the day she told me Masters of Money was going to buy Nerdy Black Girls, which was May 2nd, she started working on the merger.

I asked BABB what she would have done, if I would have said no, and she said- "You weren't going to say no, even if you didn't want to do it, because of what the company means to you."

Which leads me to my next point. My wife asked me to tell everyone the "real reason" I bought the company, besides the fact that it makes sense to do from a business standpoint, so here it is- 

When Malia broke up with me in September of 2013(it's complicated), she started working on Nerdy Black Girls, LLC., to keep her mind off of me. BABB was 100% correct about the fact that I wouldn't say no, because I have always looked at the company, like it helped Malia to break up with me.

I do like the idea of Masters of Money(My company) and Nerdy Black Girls(Malia's old company), merging(getting married), because it signifies what has happened between the two of us, between then and now.

Bottom line- Nerdy Black Girl LLC team, welcome to the Masters of Money family of companies. We are happy to have you. 

The Masters of Money, LLC., family of companies, includes the Money Channel (Money and finance related video content management and distribution), "MJ The Terrible" & Team Digital Death, Ltd. (AG) Based in Switzerland (Cyber security), and now Nerdy Black Girls, LLC. (Social media)

About Masters of Money, LLC.

Masters of Money, LLC., was founded by Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson, to create and sell how to information, to people looking for ways to make and save money.

The goal of Masters of Money: Provide the tools, resources, and strategies, to help anyone who wants to be more successful, create the life of their dreams.

Masters of Money's products and services list: 

Opt in email marketing - Online advertising - Social media marketing - Content creation - Content marketing - Internet marketing - Public relations campaigns - Web design - Direct response marketing - Copywriting - Company and / or product branding campaigns - Fundraising - Lead generation - Company and / or product launches - Business consulting - Partnering for profits campaigns - Blogging - Content library development - Content library maximization marketing - Multi-channel marketing creation and consultation - Ghostwriting - Ebook creation - Company continuity programs - Ezine creation - Ezine marketing - Digital newsletter creation - Digital newsletter marketing - Content trading - Information brokering - Company and / or product endorsements - Guest blogging - Business opportunity offers - Create and sell making and saving money strategies and information

Company contact information: 

Masters of Money, LLC.
1401 Lavaca St. 
Austin, TX 78701
Phone #: (512) 297-3535  
Fax #: (512) 599-5958  
Website: (Official launch date: July 4th, 2018)