Saturday, October 28, 2017


You are capable of so much more than you think. I believe that, because in 2015 my life changed forever, and it pushed me way beyond what I thought was possible/what I thought I was capable of. 

Hopefully you don't have to go through a near death experience like I did, to find out what you are trully capable of.

That said, if you don't believe that you are capable of more than you think you are, there's only one way to find out......

Thursday, October 26, 2017

An Open Letter To Haters

Dear Haters,

I'd like to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for pointing out all of my weaknesses, so that I can improve on them.

I really appreciate you spending so much of your time focused on me.

I almost feel bad for consuming so much of your time. I mean, while you spend your time finding my weaknesses and areas I need improvement in, your lives suffer.

Please make sure you spend time improving yourselves as well, because if you only focus on me, your own lives won't improve at all.


Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Finding Happiness

Question: I'm not a happy person. Any advice for me MJ? Trina Goins Pittsburg, PA

Answer: It's a big world out there. Seek and you will likely find. Keep searching. I know what it is like to feel stuck, bored, down, depressed, hopeless, etc. What got me through it, was making the decision to keep going. Don't settle for being unhappy, when their is happiness to be found.

If you can't find happiness nomatter what you do, don't rule out seeking professional help. No one is perfect. Seeking help from a professional doesn't make you weak. Seeking help from a professional when you need it, makes you smart.

When you need to get your taxes done, you go to an accountant. When you need to learn, you go to a teacher/mentor. So, when you have a health issue, mental or physical, why not go to a doctor?

Trina, I sent you a gift. It looks like you are a Steelers fan, and I happen to know a few Steelers executives. Enjoy the game! All of my best, MJ

Thursday, October 12, 2017

How To Get Better Information On The Internet

Q: MJ, how do you always get such good info? I know you are connected to half the world's leaders, and that's probably a big part of how you get your info, but is there a way for a regular joe like me to get better info than the general stuff everyone has access to? Big fan! Bobby Donatelli Yonkers, N.Y. 

A: Thank you Bobby. I do get a lot of information from my trusted sources/connections, but one of my favorite research tools is Maltego Software. You wouldn't believe what information is available on the internet, if you have the right tools. 

Maltego software gathers information from social networking sites, figures out connections between e-mail addresses and personal identities, IP addresses, and much more. The ease with which you can dig deep into a website, identity, e-mail address, IP address, and domain names, is unbelievable!

Maltego is a program that can be used to determine the relationships between people and groups of people(social networks), companies, organizations, websites, internet infrastructure, find files, documents, and more. It is a very useful research and information tool. 

Here is a link to their website, if you would like to know more about it- 

All my best,